Multidisciplinary Strategy Agency

Zag, 2013, feathers, fiberglass, aluminum, electronics, 68 x 37 x 90″

Tech Atelier is a multidisciplinary strategy agency and springboard for creative projects.

Under the Tech Atelier umbrella, we provide strategy consulting and interim leadership services to innovative companies, publish a blog, and curate original events bridging art, creativity and technology innovation.

Our mission is to help companies map technology to unmet customer needs, build differentiated positions, and realize new growth opportunities.

Blending strategic thinking to artistic insight we bring new ways of thinking to all that we do. Our broad background in art, business and engineering, superior communication skills, and exceptional attunement to users’ needs enable us to deliver disruptive insights and exceeding results.


Passionate about art and technology innovation, we author a multifaceted blog whose articles have been featured in many publications, including  the Huffington Post, TEDWeekends, VentureBeat, Creativity Post, Vator News.

Photo credits: Alan Rath, Zag, 2013, feathers, fiberglass, aluminum, electronics, 68 x 37 x 90″.