Consulting Services

We specialize in helping companies build differentiated messages and positions, map technology to unmet customer needs, and realize new growth opportunities. Our clients choose us for our disruptive insights, superior communication skills, deep marketing and engineering experience, and knack for connecting product features to customer value (our hallmark).

Jim Campbell, 6th Avenue. Courtesy Hosfelt Gallery.

“I’ve engaged Sylvie Leotin on multiple occasions within our portfolio and will definitely do so again. Sylvie  brings high energy, creativity, and deep expertise to her clients. She’s a quick thinker with a broad range of talents, a strong strategic bent, and a constant eye on results.” – Shomit Ghose, Partner Onset Ventures

Areas of Expertise and Sample Projects

Interim Marketing Leadership

We had the privilege of working as interim VP of Marketing with many startup companies. In that roles we’ve assumed responsibilities for all marketing activities, including messaging and positioning, go-to-market strategy, product marketing, customer development, branding and digital communication.

Messaging and Positioning

A solid messaging and positioning platform is the foundational element for effective sales and marketing. Our time-tested methodology helps companies differentiate their positioning and craft messages that yield customer results.

Messaging Workshop

Is your message attracting customers? This popular workshop incorporates multidisciplinary practices and hands-on brainstorming exercises to help attendees see their product through new eyes, and craft a superior value proposition.

Content Marketing

Because customers will read about you before you get to talk to them. Compelling digital communications bring leads and save money. We can help create effective content that will turbocharge your communications and win you customers.

Corporate Storytelling

Stories are what make interactions memorable and help you make deeper connections with customers and influencers. A good message is just the foundation. Stories bring products to life and create meaningful touch points.

Customer Development

Understanding customer needs and motivations is the cornerstone of a good marketing strategy. Our powerful framework helps companies stress test their product assumptions and develop deeper attunement to users’ needs.

Product Launches

Good launches require message alignment, convincing proof points, and incisive communications. We’ve developed a time tested framework that yields results.

Art Credits: Jim Campbell, 6th Avenue. Courtesy Hosfelt Gallery.