CX Messaging Workshop

This workshop is for product managers and technology entrepreneurs bringing new products to market. If you’re a founder, marketer or engineer, this workshop will teach you powerful skills and techniques to create differentiated messages and attract customers.

Why This Workshop?

Understanding Customer Experience (CX) is the foundational building block for crafting winning messages. Our CX Messaging Workshop follows a time-tested methodology to help entrepreneurs get inside the head of their customers, and see their products from the outside in.

CX Messaging Workshop

Companies bringing new products to market are hard-pressed to get buy-in from customers for their technology innovations. Good products are not enough. A differentiated message is a necessity to rise above the noise and connect with the customer, particularly in today’s socially-networked, 140-character world.

While technology entrepreneurs are good at writing messages that appeal to logic, those messages are rarely sufficient to engender a decision to buy. Why? Because logic alone is not enough. Empathy needs to be present. You need to understand the motivations and emotional drivers of customers, in order to create messages that win their hearts. It is the emotional call that finally motivates and drives people to take action, that is, make a buying decision.

“Sylvie’s workshop was extremely valuable for us. It helped focus the company on our key differentiators and she was able to engage every team member who was involved. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!” — Ash Rust, CEO SendHub

What You Will Learn?

Through a series of interactive and exploratory exercises, we help you build a view of your product from your customer’s eyes. Not only will you discover actionable insights, but you will also learn an effective framework you can use again and again.

Our CX Messaging Workshop will help you:

  • Practice empathy and “walk a mile” in your customer’s shoes,
  • Question and stress-test your product and customer assumptions,
  • Examine your product attractiveness with an outsider’s eyes,
  • Identify what is truly unique and relevant about your product,
  • Create a differentiated value proposition.

You will leave the session with a heightened attunement to your customers, expanded insights about your products, and a valuable toolset to craft superior value propositions.

What Makes It Unique?

  • A powerful framework that draws on multidisciplinary practices, combined with decades of hands-on experience in messaging and product marketing,
  • Brainstorming exercises to help attendees explore unrealized possibilities,
  • Proprietary techniques to simulate customer immersion.

How to Register

This workshop has been taught at Stanford University, startup Accelerators, and numerous companies. Please contact us to arrange a workshop for your team. We offer 2-4 hour sessions at your site.