sylvie LeotinSylvie Leotin, Founder & CEO

Sylvie is an entrepreneur, artist, scientist and writer, with a unique multi-disciplinary approach to bridging the worlds of business, technology and the humanities. Trusted as a problem solver, innovative thinker, and insightful business strategist, she serves as strategy consultant, advisor, and interim VP of marketing to early-stage technology companies.

Transitioning from ballet to robotics, Sylvie made her way from France to Silicon Valley. First as a visiting scholar at Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, then working in a wide range of engineering, product and marketing roles at Oracle Corporation and Sun Microsystems, and subsequently directing marketing for startup companies. Sylvie is currently CEO of Tech Atelier, a strategy consultancy and multidisciplinary springboard, helping companies build differentiated positions, nurture customer-centric cultures, and realize new growth opportunities.  Her rich and unique background, business and technology acumen, and exceptional attunement to users’ needs make her a sought-after consultant among innovative companies seeking to stimulate customer growth. Sylvie is also a popular blogger and guest lecturer. Her articles have been featured in multiple publications including the Huffington Post, TED Weekends, VentureBeat, Vator News, and the Creativity Post.

Sylvie holds a Master’s degree in management science from Stanford University and a Master’s degree in computer science from ENSIIE (France). Prior to getting the technology bug, Sylvie was a professional dancer and earned a gold medal in ballet from France National Conservatory.